Photography Services

- Architectural
- Product Stills
- Personal Image
- Unique request and locations
- Event Coverage
- Photo/Video Teams for Large Events 

Digital Services

- Image editing
- Digital developing
- Scanning
- Presentation building
- Photo book design and printing
- Visual Design

Custom Printing

Customized prints can be ordered for any image.
Size, material, finish, colour can all be customized on request.
Anything is possible, just ask and we can chat about your needs.


- Computer System and Hardware consultation / setup
- Archival systems and process consultation / setup
- Printing system evaluation / setup


- High security environments ( Airports, Military, Government )
- Airport operations, photo flights, drones, and safety requirements 

- Licensed SCUBA diver
- Photographing live performances - street and stage
- Fire and explosives 
- Graphic and industrial designer ( portfolio - only partial list of work )