A dusty adventure September 18, 2015 11:40

So Burning Man 2015 has come and gone. All the excitement, anticipation, work, planning, packing, has passed. All that remains are fond memories, and more than a little dust. 

For the first time since owning my current Nikon, I have had to send it away for service. Even protecting the camera  could not prevent the continued strong winds and dust storms of 2015 from taking a toll on the camera and gear. I have done lots of travel to many environment that would make most people cringe at bringing a good pro camera, but this is the first time I have had to deal with the environment attacking the gear. 

The event this year had many veterans stating it was the worst for wind and dust they had encountered. Many camps, sound stages, and large scale installations were affected by the winds. Some stages and infrastructure where severely damaged or completely knocked down from the winds. Mother nature once again reminded us that we live a fairly care free life because she allows us ;)

Yet for all difficulty, on going repairs, and general hardship of this years event, I am reminded that most often the events that are negative leave the longest lasting impression on us. So I am thankful for difficulty and challenges the event brought, as it will serve to forever lock a magical event in my memory and heart. Thanks to all who braved the dust and made my time at Burning Man 2015 wonderful. 

I leave you with a small glimpse of the dust.