Get away from your routine July 7, 2015 00:02

Last week my girlfriend was given some unplanned time off as a thank you for hard work. Ya for her! We took this unexpected blessing and went on an impromptu trip. No plans, no reservations, no idea where we were headed - expect west. 

Thursday morning we got up, packed a few bare necessities, got the all important coffee and headed west. If you have never done this, then I recommend you try it some time. I know it is not always as easy with kids, but they will probably enjoy it as well. 

Trips like ours, where the only thing you know is that you will have some where to sleep ( hopefully tent, but a hotel is always an option ) and you have food to eat, remind us that we worry to much about little things in our day to day. It also reminds us how resilient and resourceful we can be. In a digital age when our lives are planned and processed by a blanket of electronics and safety nets, I feel it is important to step away and get that focus back. 

We had no idea where where were headed and how far it was going to take us. We decided what direction to go at that moment, and if we couldn't decide, well, that's what coins are for. More than a few decisions on the trip were made by the flip of a coin. You never know what you will see or what you have been missing when you stick to the pre-packaged, pre-planned events and holidays. 

My favourite vacations and travels have been the unexpected or ones that had things go wrong. Why people ask, shocked and dismayed that my best memories are the actions not all neat and perfect. Two things are going on here. First - try and remember your last trip. I bet you remember the event that went wrong more vividly and clearly than all the rest. Second - When things go astray, it usually opens doors and takes you on adventures of personal growth and discovery. Wrap these two items into a picturesque holiday, well, you just added the icing you won't forget. This of course is assuming it was nothing serious like a death, and only that which in hind site was more of an inconvenience. 

Regardless, take the time to get away unplanned. Step away from the everyday, from the electronics, the games, the expectations. Maybe you will find something worth photographing and sharing.