Getting Ready - Burning Man 2015 July 15, 2015 16:25

Once again, for the second time, I am preparing to do the pilgrimage to Burning Man. 

This event that has taken place in the Black Rock Desert, becomes home to over 70,000 people for about two weeks. This leave no trace collection of artists and explorers from around the globe, creates a city housing 70,000 volunteers, staff, and attendees. Building the city from a single stake in the ground with nothing but sand, evolves into a metropolis of wonder that beacons to all looking for something different. 

Last year was my first time attending, but not the first time knowing of the event. For many years I had heard stories of this thing in the desert. Something where artists and people celebrating art and culture come together and create what can only be describe as Home to many, and magical to most. 

I did a little video log of my travels last year, wanting it to be much more than it became. I was to over whelmed by the event to remember to make the little daily logs. This year is different, and I am already starting to plan what gear to bring, how to use it, and most important how to keep it safe. 

The desert here has sand that is some of the most corrosive material naturally found. The combination of abrasive power and corrosive nature means it will break down anything not protected. The bike I brought last year was an example of this, as I had to take a wire brush and clean off the thick layer of rust that built up after only 2 days. 

So I pose a question to anyone reading my blog. How do you plan and manage your photo gear? What processes, equipment, materials, and expectations do you have on longevity when packing gear for cold, salty, are other world conditions?

I leave you with the short video I made last year. Hope it is entertaining.